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Congratulations To The First Round Winners!

Thanks to all of you great art participators, we have narrowed down the search to the Top 5 designs. We had an amazing voter turnout, and I am confident Project Create will end up with a top notch logo.

Here are the Top 5:

#2 – Makayla Counselman –

#4 – T. Marz,

#9 – Pilar Diehl,,

#10 – Pilar Diehl,,

#16 – Reese Zarreii


At this point, Project Create has reached out to the designers of the top 5 designs to discuss possible edits and changes. This is a purely optional stage for the designers, as we just want them to have further opportunity to pick our brains if necessary to get the logo just right.

Updated submissions will be accepted until Midnight on Sunday, February 26, 2012. Check back on next Monday, the 27th, to vote again for the Top 2 logos.

So what do you think of the TOP 5???


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