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Second Round Logo Survey!

***UPDATE: Voting is now closed. We will tally the votes and keep you updated as soon as possible!


The time has come for the final votes for Project Create’s logo!!! Thanks again to the fantastic designers.

Remember, this time we will be taking the top 2 designs and working with those designers to choose our ultimate logo. So vote for your favorite and please leave helpful comments for the designers!

Voting is open until 5:00 PM on Friday, March 2.

#1. Makayla Counselman –

#2. T. Marz,

#3. Pilar Diehl,,

#4. Pilar Diehl,,

#5. Reese Zarreii


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4 thoughts on “Second Round Logo Survey!

  1. I like the logo from #1 combined with the colors of #5!

  2. invadingnola on said:

    #5 has my vote although it was not easy to choose.. you rcvd some great logos!!
    Best of luck to all artists!!

  3. Chris Diehl on said:

    Great use of color and creativity!

  4. Alfred Ballard III on said:


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