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Second Round Logo Contest Winners!!!

Thank you everyone for voting. We actually had twice as many people vote this round, and that support has not gone unnoticed! You guys are amazing.

At this time, Project Create would like to once again give the top 2 designers the opportunity to edit their submissions. We will not be having another poll, so this is solely to give them a chance to make any changes they might think are needed. Again, changes are not necessary nor are they guaranteed to increase the chances of winning. New submissions are due by 5:00 PM Tuesday, March 6 (CST).
In choosing the ultimate logo, we will be looking at the entire body of work for each design. Moreover, we will most likely have to work with the top designer to more fully collaborate on the final design and get all of our ducks in a row.

Oh, and here are the top 2 designs!!!

Makayla Counselman –


Pilar Diehl,,


Congratulations, Makayla and Pilar! These designs are amazing and I look forward to working with you!!!


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3 thoughts on “Second Round Logo Contest Winners!!!

  1. I definitely like Pilar Diehl’s design better without the purple paint spray. I think it distracts from the composition. The design looks much cleaner without it.

    Just some thoughts… other than that, love the two design options!

  2. Another blog about NOLA on said:

    ( I say submit this to GOOD for a chance at a $500 grant.. so far, zero entries 🙂

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