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Great story from our creative cousin…

Project Create’s Fundraiser: Help Us Raise Our Initial Start Up Funds!

Well the time has come…Project Create is having its first FUNDRAISER!

Help us raise the money needed to buy our first art supplies! Any donation helps (even $1!!!), so who wants to be the first to bring Project Create’s balance up from $0???

Every single one of you can help by either donating yourself (here) or spreading the word to your social network (with this link: Many of you can even do both!!! No matter what your contribution is, THANK YOU for you support!

I will keep you all updated on our progress. Thanks again!

Donate To Project Create

Donate to Project Create

Here is a recap of what our page says:

Have you ever wanted to create art but couldn’t because you either didn’t know how or didn’t want to spend a ton of money on supplies for something you only wanted to try? Project Create removes those barriers to creative endeavors and allows every member of the community to be an artist.

Project Create is an art based non profit that will provide art supplies, art instruction, and studio space to the general public. Project Create is premised on the idea that anyone can be an artist if the resources are available.

The best way to describe how Project Create works is equating it to an art gym – the studio space will have art supplies across various media (i.e. painting, crafting, needlework, woodworking, etc.) and community members can use those resources on a membership basis or via a pay-per-use schedule. Also like a gym, there will be scheduled classes where clients can create specific artworks (i.e. BYOB painting, furniture building, crocheting winter hats, holiday card construction, etc.). The artworks included above are examples of specific artworks that will be taught.

Project Create will also be working with local afterschool and summer programs to enrich their art based education. We will also have seasonal art projects, such as a mentoring program which pairs low-income high school senior girls with volunteer seamstresses to design their own prom dresses. Moreover, students in high school and below can utilize the Project Create resources on their own time for free!

This fundraiser is to raise the initial funds needed to purchase art supplies, put a down payment on a studio rental, and cover initial overhead expenses. All donations go towards increasing art awareness and participation across all demographics. I have included average numbers for some art supplies to give you an idea of what your donations can purchase at retail prices – what is great is that with your donations, all of these supplies can be shared by the entire community!

Making Progress

Hello, I hope everyone is having a great summer so far.

It has certainly been a busy last few weeks for me. I have finally moved down to New Orleans, and could not be happier down here. However, I have had plenty to do to get settled in, and there have been plenty of distractions drawing me away from Project Create (including the birth of my niece – the most perfect child ever created!).

Nevertheless, I am still 100% behind this company and I have made some progress.

First, I have completed my 501(c)3 application and it is just about ready to be sent in. The only barrier to this is the $750 application fee. My move has had a lot of unexpected expenses, so I need to build up a little more financial security personally before I can cut that check.

Second, I have reevaluated where and how Project Create will officially begin. Now that I have been in New Orleans for a few weeks, I realized that the Project Create I initially envisioned (a complete studio set up with various media and teaching classes daily) is something that I need to work towards. It is a bit more practical to start off small and mobile. I am now reaching out to the community to find host locations where I can provide the supplies and instruction. This is not side-lining the studio space aspect of Project Create, rather utilizing other alternatives.

I recently submitted my application to partner with New Orleans Recreation Department Commission (NORDC) as one of their Fall Programs. If I am accepted as one of the 2012 Fall Programs, Project Create will have a scheduled time slot at one (or more) of the NORDC facilities to teach classes and hold open art sessions. This would be HUGE!!!

Along that vein, I have also made some progress in coming up with specific artwork for classes and DIY ideas for open art sessions. I will create a separate blog post for those, but I can tell you that I have recently become obsessed with woodworking and furniture building!

Finally, I am looking into using the crowdfunding site Fundly (rather than Kickstarter – but I would love to hear any feedback on why either is better…) to raise initial funds for supplies (and possibly the 501(c)3 application). I am hoping to have that launched later this afternoon, so wish me luck in this. So far, everything I have done has been with my personal account, and now that I have left the legal profession, I find that I do not have as much money coming in as going out! I need my fundraising to be successful to get Project Create off the ground.

Now that I am finally settled in here in New Orleans (I write this as I look at the unpacked box in my living room), I am ready to go full force in launching Project Create. You can expect to hear a lot more from me!!! Stay tuned, and be on the look out for our first fundraiser…

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