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Cheap And Quick Art…Just The Way We Like It!

Project Create is starting a new section on our blog focused on giving you great ideas for some quick and cheap ways to add a little creativity into your daily life. While we are trying to build our repertoire of projects you can do in our studio, there is no reason why you can’t try these at home!

So here is our first project: Wire Sculptures!!!

The materials list for this is simple: wire ($3.99 of copper wire for 15 yards), wire cutters (already owned), pliers (already owned), and something to mount your sculpture on (we used a scrap piece of wood – free).

Now this is a difficult project to give instructions on step by step, but here is the gist:

  1. Decide on what you want to sculpt (we chose an alligator)
  2. Map out a simple design of the idea, one that you could trace with a pencil and never have to pick up pencil from the paper.
  3. Cut out a long piece of wire big enough to sculpt your concept with one piece with a little leftover (if it is too small, you can always attach more, and if it is too long you can just cut it!)
  4. Begin shaping the wire into your concept, using your fingers, pliers, or anything else you might think is handy. For example, in our alligator, I simply wrapped the wire around a pen to achieve uniformity around the eyes…The idea here is mold the wire into the simple shape you drew out first. You will be surprised with how easy this is!
  5. Mount your sculpture. I drilled a hole through some scrap wood and put the excess wire through the hole and twisted it around two nails I hammered into the back (see below).

This entire project took only about 30 minutes to finish, and now I have a great decorative piece for a guest room or bathroom area (alligators can pretty much go anywhere in New Orleans!). So do you think you are up to the challenge? We would love to see your wire creations, so make sure to post them in our comments section!

As always, don’t forget to spread the word about Project Create and help us raise enough money to open our studio where these materials and projects can be made permanently available!

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