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Vote For Our Chair Reupholstering Project on Instructables!

Our tutorial was entered into the Cabot Woodcare contest, and we think that is pretty awesome! If you have a minute, please click on our link and vote for our project. You will see the link to vote in the top right of our page on Instructables.

You can either sign up as a new member (which is free and gives you all kinds of awesome DIY ideas) or you can log in via Facebook. Either way works for us!


Project Create Is Featured On Instructables! – Update 9/28/12

Update 9/28/12 – Our project received another fantastic complement from Instructables:

Congratulations Project Create!  “How To Reupholster A Chair” has been featured to the homepage!  Being featured by our editors means your Instructable stands out, and represents one of the best we have.  Projects like yours make Instructables great, and we really appreciate your time and effort.


If you haven’t already heard of this amazing website, Instructables is an online encyclopedia where passionate people share what they do and how they do it, and learn from and collaborate with others. What that means is that Instructables is an online derivation of Project Create (this is totally in my humbler opinion, and of course they get the credit for being invented first).

The point is, you can pretty much find any DIY project you can think of on their site (for free!) and teach yourself how to accomplish it. That is AWESOME.

Because Instructables is so great, I decided to upload Project Create’s post on Reupholstering a Chair so that more creative spirits could find their way to the tutorial. Let’s not forget, the whole point of Project Create is to encourage creative expression wherever we can, so we don’t really care if we get the credit…we just feel good knowing we helped someone find their creativity!

Well sometimes it does feel pretty dang good to be recognized…like we just were by the Instructables staff! Here is the email we received:

Hi Project Create!

Your Step by Step Instructable “How To Reupholster A Chair” was just featured by one of our editors!
Look for it in the Workshop category.

Being featured means we think you are awesome.  Keep up the great work!

WOWZA! This is a shining moment for Project Create and I just had to share it with you all. So you better all make sure to check us out in the Workshop section under “Featured“!!!!!!!!!!!

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