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State of Affairs: Help Project Create Spread the Word and Raise Money For Supplies!!!

We have certainly had an eventful last few weeks and I am happy to announce that we have a lot more coming up!!!

The OCH Art Market was such a great success that we are now booked to have a FREE Art booth for at least the next few markets (and hopefully all of them from now on!). You can find out more about the OCH Art Market here. In October, the market is showcasing Latino Art, and Project Create will have  a booth set up for you to come on down and make some of your own Latino Art for FREE!!! Here is the link for the event.

Project Create is also proud to announce that it has been booked for its first private event!!! One of the patrons at the OCH Art Market picked up one of our flyers and contacted us a few days later to provide art entertainment at an annual picnic event. I will certainly post more details about that in the future, but I could not be happier to know that our name is getting out there!!!

So far we have raised almost $1500 which is outstanding, but it is going to take more than that to open our own studio! You can help us out by letting your social network know about Project Create  and all of the great work we are trying to accomplish! And don’t forget to Like us on Facebook and send out our donation link so we can raise enough money to keep FREE Art events available!

Stay tuned for more great news and updates!!!

Donate To Project Create

Donate to Project Create

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