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Like Project Create On Facebook!

Remember that time when your parents asked you to be their friend on Facebook? So awkward, right? They practically had to beg you to accept their friendship.

Well, begging isn’t just for parents! Project Create has finally launched its Facebook page and I am BEGGING (read: politely asking) you to Like us.

Here is the link:

Make sure to leave some comments and share the word with all of your friends (especially your parents!!!).

Project Create Is In A $500 Grant Challenge – Vote For Us!!!

Project Create has come quite a far way from being just an idea. We have accumulated over 300 followers, racked up over 3000 views, and held a contest for what can only be described as the Best Logo Ever. But Project Create needs to start doing something very, very, very important: RAISE MONEY!!!

Unfortunately, we are not yet accepting donations because we have not achieved our 501(c)(3) status, and donations would not yet be tax deductible (refer to my previous post on how to become a nonprofit). I will say that we have been in deep discussion with an amazing nonprofit that might take us on as a fiscal sponsor (I even flew down to New Orleans and met with their Board of Directors!), and hopefully achieving 501(c)(3) status will just be around the corner.

Until that time, we are doing everything we can to get our name out there and find other fundraising opportunities. One of those opportunities is the GOODMaker Art Everyday Grant. GOOD is offering a $500 grant to an individual or organization with an innovative plan for bringing the visual arts to their community.

I think we can all safely agree that Project Create falls into that category.  And so, Project Create is one of the many amazing ideas to be listed in the GOODMaker Challenge, but GOOD will only award the $500 (and all of the glory) to the one idea with the greatest amount of votes.

So now it is up to YOU to help us win the award!!! What can you do, you ask?

  1. First, you can click here to go to our contest page and vote for us! Leave lots of comments too. People like to see comments.
  2. Second, you can spread the word BIG TIME to all of your friends and family (Facebook, Twitter, Email, ANYTHING HELPS!). Share our link:
  3. Make some art (true this won’t help us win the contest, but it will help you be AWESOME).

Voting is open from March 22 – 30. Please vote for us! This money, and the recognition, will go a long way in allowing us to opening our doors. Think of the children!

Second Round Logo Contest Winners!!!

Thank you everyone for voting. We actually had twice as many people vote this round, and that support has not gone unnoticed! You guys are amazing.

At this time, Project Create would like to once again give the top 2 designers the opportunity to edit their submissions. We will not be having another poll, so this is solely to give them a chance to make any changes they might think are needed. Again, changes are not necessary nor are they guaranteed to increase the chances of winning. New submissions are due by 5:00 PM Tuesday, March 6 (CST).
In choosing the ultimate logo, we will be looking at the entire body of work for each design. Moreover, we will most likely have to work with the top designer to more fully collaborate on the final design and get all of our ducks in a row.

Oh, and here are the top 2 designs!!!

Makayla Counselman –


Pilar Diehl,,


Congratulations, Makayla and Pilar! These designs are amazing and I look forward to working with you!!!

The March Art March: GOOD Magazine’s 30-Day Challenge

Art is good, and everybody knows it. But taking time out to create art during a busy work week can be difficult. Trust me, I can sympathize. I work an average of 50 hours a week and I am currently struggling to find time teach myself how to paper mache a life size model of Dolly Parton.

Life goals aside, being creative doesn’t have to be a gigantic task. We can be creative every day with simple actions: doodling, trying a new recipe, sewing on a button, dressing up your dogs in business suits, etc.. The point is, most people don’t realize how easy it is to add a little artistic spice to their daily soup. That’s why I get so excited to see other people make the effort to be more artistic every day.

Check out this challenge from Senior Editor Cord Jefferson and Designer Trevor Burke of online magazine GOOD. The challenge is to be creative 31 times in 30 days with simple tasks. What’s amazing is that their 31 challenges are all things you probably want to do anyways (i.e. go to a museum, frame a picture, and even break something!!!!).

So I say its time to stand up for yourselves and GET CREATIVE. Do you have what it takes??? Be sure to check off your list and let us know about your successes! We would love to see pictures of your creations.

Thanks to my artistic cousin, invadingnola, for sharing this with us!

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