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Second Round Logo Survey!

***UPDATE: Voting is now closed. We will tally the votes and keep you updated as soon as possible!


The time has come for the final votes for Project Create’s logo!!! Thanks again to the fantastic designers.

Remember, this time we will be taking the top 2 designs and working with those designers to choose our ultimate logo. So vote for your favorite and please leave helpful comments for the designers!

Voting is open until 5:00 PM on Friday, March 2.

#1. Makayla Counselman –

#2. T. Marz,

#3. Pilar Diehl,,

#4. Pilar Diehl,,

#5. Reese Zarreii

Congratulations To The First Round Winners!

Thanks to all of you great art participators, we have narrowed down the search to the Top 5 designs. We had an amazing voter turnout, and I am confident Project Create will end up with a top notch logo.

Here are the Top 5:

#2 – Makayla Counselman –

#4 – T. Marz,

#9 – Pilar Diehl,,

#10 – Pilar Diehl,,

#16 – Reese Zarreii


At this point, Project Create has reached out to the designers of the top 5 designs to discuss possible edits and changes. This is a purely optional stage for the designers, as we just want them to have further opportunity to pick our brains if necessary to get the logo just right.

Updated submissions will be accepted until Midnight on Sunday, February 26, 2012. Check back on next Monday, the 27th, to vote again for the Top 2 logos.

So what do you think of the TOP 5???

Thanks for all of the great submissions!

A big thank you to all of the participants in our logo design contest. The entry time is now over, and we will soon post all of the entries and conduct our poll. Stay tuned!

Today’s thought………………………….

Some inspiring words to start off the day (courtesy of pangealtd)

PANGAEA LTD by fairapplecelt

Easier said then done (quote)

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Daily Art Project: Doodle A Day

If Project Create hopes to accomplish anything, its to show you that anyone can be artistic at any time. Check out this inspiring idea from the creative mind over at Mindless Babble:

I recently saw this thing called the 365 project in which someone is suppose to take one picture a day for a whole year.  I got interested in this project but me not being one for taking pictures I decided to do my own version of the project.

Instead of taking one picture a day I will produce one doodle a day.  I’m not the greatest artist in the world, it’s just something I used to do a lot as a kid that I want to reconnect with. I’m also interested to see if my art will improve at all at the end of these 365 days.

Since I will be drawing something new each day I need a subject matter, and what better subject to use other than my favorite video game series Mega Man.  So for the next 365 days I’ll be drawing a new character from the classic Mega Man series and once that’s done I’ll most likely move on to other video game related things.

So let the doodles begin!!!

So how about it? Think you can doodle once a day for an entire year? If you work in an office, you probably do it already, so you might as well make a game of it. So grab a pen and a piece of paper and doodle away!

Please feel free to share your doodles with Project Create. We would love to see what you come up with.

Does Nonprofit Mean No Profit?

I have had a lot of people asking me why I am starting a nonprofit organization rather than a for-profit. The most common questions have something to do with how nonprofits stay in business, and more importantly, how  I will pay my student loans, which are depressing to say the least. These are great questions, and ones I have definitely had to consider myself.

While everyone knows nonprofits exist, there are a lot of misconceptions about what they do and how they operate. The biggest misunderstanding is that “nonprofit” means “no profit”. To shed a little light on what a nonprofit actually is, here are a few differences between nonprofits and regular businesses from

  • When you start a business, it is for the financial benefit of its owners and/or shareholders. Profit is the goal and the business pays taxes on that profit.
  •  A nonprofit entity has a mission that benefits the “greater good” of the community, society, or the world. It does not pay taxes, but it also cannot use its funds for anything other than the mission for which it was formed.
  • Nonprofit organizations can and do make a profit, but it must be used solely for the operation of the organization or, in the case of a foundation, granted to other nonprofit organizations.
  •  When a for-profit organization goes out of business, its assets can be liquidated and the proceeds distributed to the owners or the shareholders. When a nonprofit goes out of business, its remaining assets must be given to another nonprofit.

There are many ways that nonprofits operate just like a regular corporation. For example, a nonprofit is also controlled by a board of directors. It is the board’s responsibility to ensure the nonprofit is fulfilling its mission, whether this is through direct action or supervision over an executive director.  

Another important similarity is that nonprofits can, and commonly do, have paid employees.  I won’t go into the politics of how much (or little) salaries should be, but they generally vary based on location, mission, and operating budget. For example, in an art nonprofit with an annual budget of $100,000, it would not be proper for a salary of $50,000/year. Also, while the major benefit of 501(c)(3) nonprofit status is that the company itself is not taxed on income, paid employees pay income taxes just like everybody else.

I know this is only a brief explanation, but I hope this helps clear up any confusions about how a nonprofit operates. My friends (and parents) can now rest assured that I am not signing up for a life of servitude without recourse. I don’t plan on becoming a millionaire through Project Create, but I certainly plan on being able to eat!

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